Reflect on a longer period of work and improve agreements.

  • ~60 min
  • cadence, usually 2-4 weeks
  • helps seeing the bigger picture, and identifying more complex types of waste
  • What can we learn from the last iteration of work?
  • Are our tools still sharp enough?
  • Are we still going in the right direction?

Building in continuous improvement of process:

  • goal: reflection on the past to guide process improvement
  • output: proposals for agreements, tensions, drivers or tasks
  • facilitated meeting (~1hr)
  • regular intervals (1-4 weeks)
  • adapt to situation and context:
    • 5 phases with many different patterns for each phase

A time to reflect on process improvement

5 Phases of a Retrospective Meeting

  1. Set the Stage
  2. Gather Data
  3. Generate Insights
  4. Decide What to Do
  5. Close the Retrospective

Activities for each phase can be found at