Clarify what’s happening and what’s needed in relation to the organization, and respond as required.

Responses to drivers:

  • action
  • decision (including creating a role, circle, helping team or open domain)

Qualify Organizational Drivers

Some drivers are (directly or indirectly) related to an organization’s primary driver, these are considered organizational drivers. Other drivers do not fall within the organization’s domain.

A simple way to qualify organizational drivers is by checking:

Would responding to this driver improve - or avoid impeding - flow of value to an existing organizational driver? a.k.a. can it help or harm us?

Review of Drivers


The response to a driver is usually an experiment that is evolved over time, based on learning.

  • Is the description of the situation still correct?
  • Do we still associate the same needs with the situation?
  • Is the driver still within our domain?
  • Is the driver still relevant?