A (facilitated) group process for co-creating a response to a driver.

  • draws on the collective intelligence and diversity of perspective within a group
  • involves people in co-creating agreements
  • fosters accountability and sense of ownership

Proposal forming may be also be used by an individual.

Proposal Forming Steps

  • Consent to driver: Is this driver relevant for us to respond to? Is the driver statement an accurate description of what is happening and what is needed?
  • Deepen shared understanding of driver: invite essential questions to understand more detail about the driver.
  • Collect considerations phrased as questions relating to possible solutions. Questions either reveal constraints (information gathering questions) or possibilities (generative questions).
  • Answer any information gathering questions if possible.
  • Prioritize considerations.
  • Gather ideas as possible ingredients for a proposal.
  • Design a proposal for addressing the driver considering the creative ideas and information gathered so far. This is usually done by a smaller group (tuners).

Selecting Tuners


  • who should be there?
  • who wants to be there?
  • who else may have a valuable contribution to make?
  • consider expertise, outside view, and inspiration
  • any objections to this group?