Definition: An objection is a reason why doing what is proposed stands in the way of (more) effective satisfaction of an existing driver.

In sociocracy we deliberately seek objections as they reveal wisdom that can be used to improve proposals and agreements.


  • …are gifts
  • …reveal wisdom seeking expression into the consciousness of a circle
  • …reveal opportunities or impediments
  • …emerge through individuals and belong to the whole circle
  • we love objections in sociocracy

Questions That Help to Validate Objections

  • Does the objection relate to this specific proposal or agreement?

  • Does this objection reveal how a (proposed or existing) agreement

    • …jeopardizes the satisfaction of a driver?
    • …is in conflict with the organization’s values?
    • …prevents or diminishes someone’s contribution to satisfying a driver?
    • …can be improved significantly?


  • …are not objections
  • …don’t stop us from making agreements
  • …often contain wisdom
  • …can be recorded in the logbook
    • …to further evolve agreements
    • …to set evaluation criteria (including review date)