A logbook is a (digital) system to store all information relevant for running an organization and its teams. The logbook is accessible to all members of an organization, and information is kept confidential only when there is good reason to do so.

Common platforms for logbooks are Wikis (e.g. Dokuwiki or MediaWiki), Content Management Systems (e.g. Wordpress), G Suite, Evernote or Trello etc.

Logbook Contents

  • Organization:
    • primary driver, strategy and organizational values
    • organizational structure (domains and connections)
    • agreements
  • Circle:
    • circle description and strategy
    • agreements (including delegatees’ domain descriptions, strategies and development plans)
    • backlogs and other information relating to a circle’s work and governance
  • Personal logbooks
    • domain descriptions, strategies and development plans
    • governance and operational backlogs for roles
    • decisions related to delivering value in a role