Groups meet at regular intervals to decide what to do to achieve objectives, and to set constraints on how and when things will be done.

A governance meeting is usually:

  • facilitated
  • prepared in advance
  • time-boxed for a duration of 90-120 minutes
  • scheduled every 4 weeks

A typical governance meeting includes:

  • opening round: attune with each other and to the objectives (or driver) of the group
  • administrative matters
    • consent to last minutes, date for next meeting, etc.
    • check for last-minute agenda items and consent to agenda
  • agenda items
  • meeting evaluation: reflect on your interactions, celebrate successes and share suggestions for improvement
  • closing

Typical agenda items include:

  • any short reports
  • evaluation of existing agreements due review
  • new drivers requiring decisions to be made, including:
    • understanding and agreeing on situations that require attention
    • forming proposals and making agreements
    • creating and defining new roles and groups
    • reviewing existing roles or groups
    • selecting people to roles