Definition:: A driver is that which motivates us into action: what is happening in a specific situation and what’s needed.

Responses to a Driver

  • the response to a driver always involves the adaptation of an existing agreement, or creation of a new one, including:
    • changing the plan: adding a task or project
    • adaptation or creation of a role
    • creation of a new circle
      • driver review is delegated to new circle

Drivers Are Subject to Regular Review

  • Is the description of the current reality correct?
  • Do we still associate the same needs with the current reality?
  • Is the driver still within our domain?
  • Is the driver still relevant?

Sociocracy 3.0 and Lean Thinking

Value and Waste

Definition: The importance, worth or usefulness of something for satisfaction of a driver.


  • value is not an inherent property as it only exists in relation to a driver
  • value can be quantified by measuring the progression towards satisfaction of a driver
    • value is not necessarily expressed in currency or time
  • continuous improvement of processes is focused on optimizing the flow of value through an organization

Definition: Waste is anything not necessary (essential) for - or standing in the way of - effective satisfaction of a driver.

Adopting the concept of value and waste makes many tools and ideas from lean production and lean software development available to support organizations running on Sociocracy 3.0:

  • value stream mapping
  • various strategies for eliminating waste
  • the Kanban Method

Waste and Continuous Improvement

  • Establishing a process for ongoing elimination of waste enables natural evolution of an organization towards greater effectiveness
  • Adaptation to changing environment is built into the process

Identifying Waste

  • waste exist in many different forms and on different levels of abstraction
    • tasks, processes, organizational structure, mental models…
  • some tensions reveal waste
  • learning to identify waste is a journey
    • along the way we also learn how to evolve our drivers